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Study Area

We have the opportunity to create a clean, safe, and prosperous desert community for our children and grandchildren.

The size of Mesa, Chandler, Tempe and Gilbert combined; Superstition Vistas includes 175,000 acres of raw desert land. Held in trust by the Arizona State Land Department, Superstition Vistas is managed for the benefit of its trustees, the schoolchildren of Arizona. This area could become a desirable place to live, work and play; a place where urban and rural lifestyles blend in harmony; and a showcase of national and international best practices in designing a sustainable desert community.

In the Path of a Growing Megaregion

Located in the path of the “megaregion” of Phoenix and Tucson, the region is expected to grow together into 15 million by 2060. If the State were to sell this land without a comprehensive plan and vision for its future, piecemeal development and scattered subdivision would ensue. Fragmented development would harm surrounding communities, the natural environment, and jeopardize the financial return for Arizona’s schoolchildren. A vision for Superstition Vistas could lead to a successful, desirable community with long-term economic and social value founded on commitments to sustainability and desert preservation.

Superstition Vistas Needs a Master Plan

State ownership of Superstition Vistas provides a unique opportunity to maximize the financial return to the education trust fund and allows for the development of a coherent vision for the area. A comprehensive master plan for Superstition Vistas is needed to shape positive changes on a grand scale and guide future decision-making for this untapped and precious resource. Proper planning will bring in more businesses, jobs and taxes to the state and local economy. A master plan also gives Superstition Vistas the opportunity to be a community with good jobs, open spaces, minimal water consumption and efficient power utilization.